What is it?

Cultivate brings high school students into a leadership focused environment to draw out their gifts and talents. Through this process they begin to understand more about who they are and how to utilize the skills they posses. Cultivate takes those skills and puts them into practical application for the students to better lead in their church and community.


β€œThe next generation of leaders.”


This generation of students is very eager to add value to their culture. Cultivate helps bring awareness to their passions so that students can lead in the ways they were created. Cultivate is specific in drawing out courage, giving confidence, and empowering them to make a difference in their generation. Students are also given tools that they take home to apply when serving in their community or church. SWAT believes this generation is worth investing in and Cultivate is one of the ways we make this happen.


who can attend?

  • Must be in high school.

  • Must be in a leadership/serving role.

When is it?

September 27-29, 2019

Athens, GA