If you could go back and tell yourself one thing in middle or high school, what would you say? As a leader, SWAT gives you the opportunity to tell students the things you needed to hear. You get the chance to share your testimony with students and encourage them to pursue Jesus with everything.


What would you tell you?”


SWAT specializes in training and developing college students to lead middle & high schoolers. Our leaders participate in an interview process that evaluates their personal character and spiritual maturity, along with their ability to convey the Gospel to students in a practical way. Leaders are required to complete a weekend long training that equips them to effectively work with students on weekends and also attend one training a semester to keep them up to date on the latest methods in use by SWAT on our weekends. SWAT leaders are passionately following Jesus and we equip them to lead students to do the same.

As a parent I couldn’t be more thrilled that my daughter is involved with SWAT! I have seen her become surrounded by an amazing community of solid believers that encourage and challenge her. She is being taught what it looks like to serve and honor others while also being encouraged to lead in ways that stretch her beyond her comfort zone. Not only is she growing spiritually, she’s having a ball in the process!
— Larinda Ledford, Parent of Leader
Our daughter Rebekah was a follower of Jesus before her involvement in SWAT, but she didn’t have a clear purpose with her faith. SWAT gave her that purpose with involvement in the student and missionary outreach programs. Rebekah’s faith grew and deepened as she became part of a community of believers, who learned to openly share their faith. She continues to carry the SWAT community and outreach focus today in her life as an elementary school teacher.
— Mike O'Rourke, Parent of Leader


  • Is in the 12th grade through college.

  • Has a passionate desire to share the Gospel with middle & high schoolers.

  • Has an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Illustrates a daily walk with God.

  • Is involved in a local church and serving in different capacities.


  • Must be able to drive to the weekend events they sign up for.

  • Lead a minimum of 3 weekends a year.

  • Attend Enrichment each semester, a day focused on equipping leaders to lead well.

  • Recruit friends to become leaders. (Relational Recruiting)