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SWAT Leader Requirement Agreement
Below are the basic requirements we ask of every potential new SWAT leader. If one of these creates an issue for you, please contact us at interviews@swatministries.com so we can help alleviate the issue.
Be a Christian witness in all activities including all SWAT weekend assignments and daily life. *
Be continually working to grow in an interactive, loving relationship with Jesus Christ. This includes spending regular time with the Lord, as well as being in prayer for SWAT and all related activities. *
Be available to work as a SWAT leader at least three weekends per school year. *
Attend SWAT's two training/Enrichment seminars each year. *
Make an effort to attend occasional SWAT leadership retreats - special social and spiritual sharing times that are designed to help our leaders and team thrive. *
Refrain from any behavior which would compromise the SWAT reputation. This includes not being involved in a romantic relationship with youth involved SWAT weekend assignments. *
Never allow students taking part in a SWAT weekend to ride in your personal vehicle during the weekend. *
Find a replacement if you can not fulfill your commitment to a weekend assignment. *
Legal Agreement
I have read and understand all the conditions of this agreement. I will abide by the guidelines outlined and will make every effort to fulfill my obligations or give appropriate notice. *
I hereby release SWAT Ministries from all responsibilities and obligations arising from any injury or illness which might occur during or result of my activities with SWAT. *
I indicate that in the event of a medical emergency, I authorize whatever medical treatment deemed usual and customary by the medical professionals at the nearest facility. *