Changing A Generation

Teaching college, high school and middle school students to live in their purpose. Showing them through a daily relationship with Christ.

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Monthly Support


Each student that participates in a Disciple Now weekend leaves with their lives being changed. This is one of our goals for each event that we lead. Not all students have the opportunity to attend due to financial obstacles in their family, church or community. Your $50 a month will help send 8 students on a weekend each year.


Our leaders serve students and each other so well while they are in SWAT. They are growing into a deeper understanding of who Christ is and what His calling is on their life. We want to see them fulfill their purpose now and as they start careers and families. Your $75 a month will train 9 leaders each year.


We develop our staff and interns by giving them responsibilities that are in line with their gifts and talents and placing them in environments that will continue to stretch them and grow them as individuals. Through their time and experience at SWAT, they become Kingdom changers and powerfully advance the Gospel of Christ. Your $100 a month will develop 4 staff/interns each year.

Thank you for wanting to partner with us!

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