To restore something means to repair it. To bring it back to the order of which it once was. To take what was broken and make it whole again. Just like we are broken people and need Christ to restore us, we also have the responsibility to restore our brothers and sisters as well. Galatians 6:1-2 talks about how we have that responsibility, how we must conduct ourselves in restoring one another, and the meaning of such restoration.

Take note: if Jesus was the only One who could restore us from our broken nature, then He is also the only One by which we must restore our brothers and sisters from brokenness as well. If Jesus was the only One who could save us from our Hell-bound sinful nature, then He is the only One by which we can continue to flee from our Hell-bound sinful nature. If Jesus was the gateway by which we can run into the arms of our Father, then it is only by running to Him moment after moment that we have an escape from our broken nature.

Therefore, it is only through Christ that we have the power to restore members of the Body of Christ. It is not our duty to restore our brothers and sisters out of pride in our own concept of holiness, for we are not holy of our own nature. If that were the case, there would be no need for Jesus to have brought salvation unto us. 

Christ tells us in Matthew 7:3-5 of making sure we take the log out of our own eyes before judging another on the speck in his eye.

Therefore, we are to uphold the character of Christ in correcting or rebuking. If it was only Jesus who could restore us in the first place, it is only by adhering ourselves to the person of Christ and allowing His power to work through us that we ourselves can bring about restoration. 

Restoration of is not about pointing out errors and elevating our own pride. Restoration is coming to a fellow child of God, being fully aware that you are just as lost as them without the Lord, and bringing him back into the fold of Christ.

Take care not to fall into that which has steered a brother away. Paul says that back in the passage of Galatians. 

We approach a brother in love, kindness, and humility. Taking care to humbly point out what we see and allow Christ to bring restoration.

In all things, take care to always become more Christ-like. Every word, every thought, every action, all to be more Christ-like. Even in the restoration of our fellow believers, our one goal is to become more like Christ.

The restoration of a brother or sister is a fickle thing, be cautious in it. It is easy to do it out of false intentions. For those of you being corrected, take care to not be quick to anger. Whether you are the one correcting, or the one being corrected, take care to always strive to be like Christ.

You are all amazing individuals and wonderful human beings that are dear to my heart. I cherish you with the love of the Father. I pray blessings over you this week as we all continue in our pursuit of Christ.

-Josiah Frederick