Hope, Promise, and New Beginnings

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Most people have likely heard this as a cliche at some point in their life, “there’s a reason and a season for everything.” It has become a common expression often used by well meaning people attempting to help us through obstacles and failures. When we hear it, seldom is it a welcome piece of advice. Usually we find it quite natural to roll our eyes, shake our head, and brush off this old saying. I want us to reclaim the meaning of this phrase and receive the blessing of its wisdom because there is hope, promise, and a sense of new beginnings in those words.

This past weekend, SWAT held interviews for new leaders.  After I had finished with my duties, one of the other leaders told me I was needed immediately, and soon I found myself in a dark room being told to sit down on the chair in front of me. Two leaders, who had previously been hidden in the room, told me I had one minute to share what the Lord was currently teaching me,  then I must state  my favorite Bible verse and explain why. It was totally intended to be a joke, but I have not been able to stop thinking about my answer since then.

Right now, the Lord is leading me through a season of growth and change. He is showing me the beauty of pushing the limits of my comfort zone and being in a state of uncomfortability. But it is definitely a challenging season to be in. I have found myself looking for every way possible to exit this season of life… It was my second answer that the Lord used to reshape my perspective—my favorite Bible verse.

Romans 8:28 ~ “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”

This season is for my good, but most importantly it is also to further glorify the Lord. That is where the hope and promise of “there’s a reason and a season for everything” comes from. Growth is good. Change is good. Being uncomfortable is good. It just means that the Lord is doing something GOOD! He does nothing by accident and does everything with love, mercy, and grace. So, no matter what season you are in; even when you don’t see or understand the reason for it, know that it is good. Live in the moment. Have joy every second. If you find yourself to be in a hard season, remember there is hope, promise, and sense of new beginnings. God is SO GOOD, and He does everything for our good.  


-Kaysi Raborn