You, and Only You


May this serve as a prayer, one emphasizing God and not ourselves:


God, we honor you
Father, Spirit, Christ the Son
Fix our eyes upon You
Church, exalt the Holy One
Lord we Glorify You
to steel against all pride
Faithfully obey You
not settling for, "We tried"
Withholding naught from You
may You be magnified
Trusting only You
in You alone abide
Perfect our faith in You
Unchanging Rock of Ages
By the Son who sits beside You
Grant us grace and not our wages
Hold us fast to You
with You always shall we side
Were it not for fear of You
we would become the prey of lies
Captivated by You
for all Your mystery
Our purpose founded in You
Oh Lord, please make us see
Eternity belongs to you
Creation testifies
In You
Almighty God, we live
For You
I AM, we die

-Rebel Lord