Fall 2017 Update

SWAT has been quite busy over the course of  this summer. The work of The Lord has no off-season. If you have been blessed enough to see pictures, videos, and other posts from SWAT leaders at home and abroad, then it is evident how each day and season belongs to the Lord. Look forward to more writings from past and current SWAT leaders as Fall kicks into high gear. We are excited for all possibilities to claim the promises of God this coming this semester. Join with us daily in prayer for what is to come and in praise for what has already been accomplished.

The twenty-four years preceding this one have been a tremendous period, a testament to the power and faithfulness of God. He began a mighty work when He called Jon Messarra, his family, his students, and his friends to the ministry we now call SWAT; what a perfect moniker for those whose mission is discipleship. The goal and the means of reaching it are both within the meaning of our name, Students With a Testimony. Through the witness we have born steadfastly for the past twenty-four years, the testimony of middle school, high school and college students has multiplied through the Spirit of God and the labor of His people. Today countless numbers of students have encountered our Savior, Jesus Christ, and now pass on a testimony of their own.

What an incredible God we serve. If this were to be our twenty-fifth and final year, then we would likely spend our farewell tour thanking God as well as those of you who have partnered with us in so many ways. God is not done with us, however, so we gladly plan to spend our twenty-fifth anniversary giving thanks and serving God with equal fervor and joy.

This weekend we have a special Fall Enrichment. It will be held this Saturday, August 19th at the First Baptist Church of Watkinsville. It is not only a training day for our current leaders, but also a time where people outside of the ministry can come to fellowship and be refreshed by God’s Word. Our wonderful intern, Kaysi Raborn, has put so much time into planning this event, please be in prayer for her and for those traveling to fellowship with us. We cannot wait to see the Lord move during this time!

Be sure to go and check out our website swatministries.com for information and updates, in particular we ask that you would read about our #Grateful25Initiative.

Thank you for all that you do to make our labors possible. It is an honor to be the recipient of so much blessing from so many different members of the Body of Christ. May the Lord bless you and keep you, as only He can.

~ Rebel Lord