Yo-Yo of Life


I have recently experienced the goodness that comes from The Lord’s timing. This past March, I received a random text from a fellow SWAT leader to ask a favor of me. This favor was to help her comb her entire head of hair due to lice. I barely knew this leader at this time, the only interaction we really have had up until this point was one SWAT weekend car ride. Little did I know, that going to help her would spark one of the greatest friendships The Lord has ever blessed me with. We started to spend time together here and there, and kept in touch over the summer. We were both to be interns in the upcoming school year, and so this gave us an outlet to spend more time together. 

The Lord started to cultivate a friendship between us, that soon grew into a best friendship. What is crazy about this friendship is that we went to high school together for four years, and we grew up five minutes down the road from one another. Yet, it took until our senior year of college to become friends. This is how incredible the Lord’s timing really is. When I moved to Athens, I had a great community, I just had not grown a strong community yet. The Lord cultivated this friendship at just the right time, because little did I know I was about to go through one of the toughest seasons of my life. One Friday I went home to attend two funerals for a family member and a childhood friend. I was home for ten minutes when I was told that my parents were about to start the process of divorce. The month of December turned me into a yo-yo. There would be days of hope, only to be dropped flat on my face, but then hopeful things would come, just to fall again. I became exhausted and full of hurt. 

Little did I know that over the past year, The Lord has been strengthening my community, and I have experienced The Lord through my SWAT community. They came around me, and all prayed over me, I received many hugs, encouraging words, and many cokes from Chik-Fil-A. That is my favorite place to get coke to drink. The Lord continues to use friendships, like those I have developed in SWAT. Even though I am not able to see most SWAT leaders all the time, this is where close friendships come in, like those I have recently developed, for the different times of the process of divorce. This is how I am able to see The Lord’s timing. He brought incredibly strong friendships in my life just in time so that I would feel His love. The Lord knows what we need, even before we say a word or have a thought. 

Playing with toys, like a yo-yo, may seem like child’s play. There is nothing whimsical or playful about feeling like a yo-yo. Never take any relationship you have formed for granted, because you never know when the carpet will be pulled out from underneath your feet, and your entire world gets flipped upside down. That is the beauty of how The Lord uses relationships. In this time of hurt and confusion, I am also grateful, thankful, and truly blessed by the people who are here for me at random times, or ones who live right down the road.


~ Julie Rich