It is so humbling to think the earth in which we dwell is the handiwork of the Most High God. Just think about it, we are constantly surrounded by His divine artwork and if you take the time, He can be seen in so much of nature's majesty. Lately, seeds have inspired a pensive habit within me in relating to times of struggles and this is what I have observed:

We all go through tough seasons and times of suffering, it's just another part of life, and a seed starts its life buried in the cold dark ground which can even be attributed to a grave. The seed does not know why it has been put in this place and is trapped in this place unable to help itself. But what the seed does not see in this darkness is this: the ground above it is being watered, the sun is shining down upon it and giving it life, and someone cares for it so much that He is cultivating it even when it's in that dark place. So often in times of suffering, we wonder where God is, and why we can't see Him, but, guess what, He was there in the darkness and I know, personally, I always see His hand in retrospect.

But it gets so much better than His hand just being there in the darkness; that seed does not stay in the ground. That seed breaks ground and sees the light of day. Our God is a God who is constantly with us no matter the circumstance. Let your faith arise because you are not barren. The Lord has planted life in you and it will come to fruition whether it be in this life or the next. You are never forsaken and you always have hope in the goodness and beauty of sweet Jesus Christ. Also, be gentle with yourself, nothing in nature blooms 24/7. There will still be dead seasons, but the Lord is still providing. In the end, it does not matter if life is not always good because God always is.

In spite of the uneven odds, some of the most beautiful things bloom from a dark place. And if you think about, the most beautiful thing we have been given, salvation through Jesus, also burst forth from a cold dark grave. So suffer well, beloved, because even if you cannot see it now, all of your needs are being provided for.


~ Kristen Lewers