History ~ Hosea


    Hey, fam! I am so excited we are doing something new and it's our first blog series (yay!!!) We will be going through the book of Hosea for the next few weeks, but I wanted to take this week to give some historical background and context for this book.

    Hosea's name means salvation and he was the first prophet to foretell of Israel's downfall (tough break, huh?). His prophetic ministry spanned from circa 753 B.C. - 715 B.C. which means he also prophesies through Israel's downfall in 722 B.C. A historical note, the promised land was split into two kingdoms at the time with Israel/ Northern Israel being the north region and Judah being the kingdom of the south. The split happened after the death of King Solomon, son of King David, when his son Rehoboam took over, the northern tribes seceded due to his arrogance and called themselves Israel. Though the immediate reason of Israel's succession is the bad judgments on Rehoboam's part, the root cause in found in the idolatry of Solomon's wives.

    If having to be the first to be the first bearer of bad news was not hard enough, God then commands Hosea to marry a woman named, Gomer. To quote David Platt, "There were two problems her name was Gomer and she was a prostitute." The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind before we start is this book is not just about the sin of a woman being adulterous towards her husband, but a divinely orchestrated, tangible allegory to illustrate the pain and suffering caused by spiritual adultery coupled with the grace, mercy and justice of God.

    I am so excited to be going through this book on the blog with you guys for the next few weeks and can't wait to see what God will teach me and you through His amazing Word!


~ Kristen Lewers