2017 Spring Semester


Aaaaaaand we’re back! SWAT is officially in full swing for Spring 2017. We are so excited for all of the new things coming this semester and hope you can partner with us in praying for the events to come.

This weekend we have both Interviews and Enrichment. So far twenty-three individuals are participating in interviews with numbers still growing. We would be so thankful if you could pray for traveling mercies for those coming from outside of Athens. As we all know, Interviews can be downright nerve-wracking so please pray for peace and comfort during the interviewing process. Our Interviews Intern, Julie Rich, has worked so very hard on Interviews and we can’t wait to meet the new people whom will be added to our SWAT family.

Enrichment will be held this Saturday, January 21 at Watkinsville and it is not only a training day for our current leaders, but also a time where people outside of the ministry can come to fellowship and be refreshed by God’s Word. Our wonderful Intern, Kaysi Raborn, has put so much time into planning this so please be in prayer for her and the event. We cannot wait to see the Lord move during this time!

This year is also very special because it marks SWAT’s 25th Anniversary, we are so thankful for all the lives affected and legacies left by every leader over the years. We also have more exciting news about our #Grateful25Initiative on swatministries.com and we would be so honored if you would check it out!

We are so thankful for all the love and support y'all have given SWAT Ministries over the years. Blessings!


~ Kristen Lewers