I do not want to be captivating; I want to be captivated.


To be captivated by the love and beauty that is Christ and Christ in me. I want to finally listen to the things He’s been shouting in my face:

“Kristen, I’m beautiful. Just look at Me. I am so beautiful! Stop listening to the lies that say you aren’t because, guess what, beloved, it doesn’t even matter if you are beautiful or enough or worthy because I AM. When are you going to see that? When are you going to swallow your pride? When are you going to let My perfect love cast out your fear?

It isn’t about you, Kristen! And before you pop out your quills, my defensive little porcupine, let that realization sink in. It does not matter if you are ‘good’ because I AM. Let that sink in. Take joy in the pressure that you can remove from yourself now. You being good is not up to you. Anything that is good is Me in you and I want to fill and overflow you.

I give you permission to not be captivating. You do not have to think your charm and personality will draw others in. You are loved with a love that casts out all fear that was freely given and now you can freely give love. You don’t have to worry about receiving love.

You are captivated, my beloved.

So please my dear friends, remember how captivated you are by the Lord.


~ Kristen Lewers